Friday, March 30, 2007

The Banshee

For the past two days my normally sweet Chuky Monkey has turned into a scraming banshee.  Were talking a major crabby patty.  I'm guessing that it's because he is cutting some new teeth but whenever he lets me look I don't see anything.  I really don't know how much more of the screaming I can take.  No matter what I try to do it's not making him happy.  First he wants me to pick him up and then when I do he gets mad and wants down.  For real I wish at times like this I could read his mind or he could talk to me and tell me what's really going on with him.  For all I know he could just be having a grouch couple of days and wants to take it out on us

Oh and lets not forget everything, and I mean everything that he's getting into.  I could tell him 100 times and move him-but do you think that stops him.  No way!  If anything he thinks its funny when I get up to move him or he'll throw over his shoulder whatever he has and takes off.  Don't get me wrong there are many times I find this funny-not infront of him.  But some days there is only so much high pitched screaming and getting into stuff one can take.  The good thing about the past couple of days is that DH has been home with me.  As for tomorrow well he has to work so wish me luck because I may need it.


Krista said...

Boy, I can totally relate to this post--In fact -you wrote the words I was going to write today ! My little Miss thing has the exact same attitude! I think she is cutting the back teeth-but there is nothing there--last night we had to leave the restaraunt in a hurry because she was just grabbing things off the table and throwing them! But -my four year old miss priss is doing some of the same things--acting up like never before! Can I run away? LOL

proverbs2318 said...

My little girl is a Miss Priss/Drama Queen and when her and Joshua get going man I would give anything to just tune them out-lol.