Saturday, March 24, 2007

Can I see the weather?

About a couple of months ago DH decided to download the weather channel's desktop so we could check the weather whenever we want.  At first I didn't see the point but it comes in handy when there are things we are trying to plan.  Well lately my daughter has become obsessed with the weather.  I'm talking every night before she goes to bed and every morning when she wakes up she's asking me to see the weather.  And to top it off she always thinks it's going to rain, however, she still gets scared by loud thunder.  Ok now when she asks about the rain it's more of like she wants it to rain, but of course with out all the loud sounds.  I'm sure this is some phase she's going through, but it makes me laugh and wonder-hmmm could she be a meteorologist?  Probably not because she is a bit of a drama queen; but I'll save those stories for another day.  Oh and as for the weather well it's cloudy with a 20% chance of rain.

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