Monday, September 1, 2008

Hello Again

I know it has been ages since I've posted and honestly I have been pretty busy.  If I remember correctly when I was last on here I told y'all about my new hobby-quilting.  Let's just say it's been keeping me very busy and I absolutely love it; I have some that are pretty much done except for the binding.  Each one has gotten better but I'm no where near what you see at a quilt shop, but you know what I don't care because I love it and even though it's not perfect it still looks good to me.

Now on to some new and big news....Sweet Pea started Kindergarten last Monday!!!!!  I can't believe my little girl is in school.  Of course you know we did the meet the teacher night and you know I had her looking cute and I also laid out her outfit the night before.  Luckily for me David was off so it was a family affair; ok well him and Monkey sat in the car because well he can be a toot and that's putting it nicely.  Anyway we had a big breakfast and then it was off to school.  As you can imagine it was crowded but that's ok because I wouldn't miss walking her in for anything.  We walked in and she put her stuff away and I took a picture of her with her teacher and wouldn't you know right after she took off to go play.  So I of course asked her for a hug and kiss and she obliged and said "bye mom I'll see you after school."  I make it out of the school and get into the car and David asks me how it went and then that's when the tears started.  I just couldn't and still can't believe that my baby girl is in school, I mean where did all the time go.  As of now she considers herself a pro because from day 3 I have let her walk in all by herself because you know she's a big girl in school now and that's what they do.  Of course she wanted to do this on day 2 but I had to walk her in just one more time.


MGM said...

Welcome back, and thanks for stopping over at my blog and commenting!

To answer your qeustion, I've continued to homeschool my kids. Daughter is doing a combination of Kindergarten and First Grade right now because she is through much of her K level stuff. She is reading and counting money and doing subtraction. *sigh*

I would be totally feeling the way you are if I sent her off to school for someone else to teach. I'd be bawling!

They wouldn't let her in public school this year because she misses the age cut off by 3 DAYS! Yeah. So she couldn't start Kindergarten yet, as far as they were concerned. I'm supposed to send her to preschool when she's reading and subtracting and counting money and explaining in scientific terms exactly how rainbows are made. Right.

I'll keep schooling my daughter. Looks like for the forseeable future the public school system won't do her any justice!

We did get enrolled in a homeschool co-op that meets once a week. I'm going to try her in K as she barely turned 5. If she's way too bored, we'll consider bumping her up. I'm not too worried. I really just wanted her to experience the social interaction and make some friends. I can teach to her level the other days of the week.

Glad you're back!

Tracy said...

Hey there! Glad to have you back!
I remember Caroline's first day. I was so proud that I made it back to my car before the tears started. And she was just like your little one, she couldn't wait for me to leave!
She'll do great. And just think, now you might have more time for quilting!