Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Well I'm finally back and I never meant to be gone this long.  Ok let me start off on Christmas-it was awesome!!!  Our Christmas festivities started on that Sunday when we went to my dad's then Christmas Eve was spent with David's family and then Christmas we went to my mom's and David's other grandmother.  OMG let me just say that I love, love, love my boots and of course I wore them on Christmas Day.  I also love my PSP, and of course the clothes-ooo and I can't forget the giftcards I got from my Mom, Greg (mom's bf), and my Dad.  David of course loved all of the cd's and dvd's he got.  As for the kids well you know they had a blast.  Sweet Pea tore open present after present, and Monkey well he opened a few and then we had to open the rest but he did have a lot of fun playing with paper and his toys.  You know I can't believe how much toys and clothes the kids got; it's been absolutely crazy trying to go thru everything and find a place for it.  I also went thru the kids closet and clothes that don't fit are now in a bag for the Goodwill.

And if you can believe it I took my tree down the day after Christmas and I'm glad I did because that day David was sick with the flu, and Monkey was right along with him running a fever.  So on Thursday I took them both to the dr. and David got some medicine, and so did Monkey-which turned out that he had an ear infection and his throat was looking red.  And of course by Friday with the two of them coughing and sneezing around me I ended up getting a head cold but thankfully nothing serious like the flu.  As for Sweet Pea she stayed with Ashly from Christmas Day until Sunday which I'm glad because that would have been one more person sick.

***Now to some other important news***On Sunday my little Monkey turned 2!  I can't believe he's already two.  I honestly don't know where the time has gone.  I plan to write more about this but I'll  wait until later on this week where I can completely focus on how the past two years have been.  But I will say that Sunday was his first night in a big bed (twin size).  It's been a little crazy and today he had to take a nap with me but he looks so little and sweet in his bed.  And yes I will post pictures of what his bed looks like.

Oh before I forget my Grandmother loved her blanket and couldn't believe I made it.  She says her legs always get cold so it was the perfect gift. 

Hopefully everyone is having a safe and happy new year.  As for us we're having a bonfire out here since we live in the country and right now everyone is out on the hayride I thought this is the perfect time for me to catch up.  So please forgive me for not visiting and for not writing as you can see it's been a crazy week and there are still some boxes and stuff laying around.  Also sorry if my post seems thrown together but I just wanted y'all to know how everything went and that I will be back again tomorrow.


Tracy said...

Happy New Year Jesse!
It sounds like you all had a great holiday. Ours was great too. We made it back from vacation and now I have gifts to find homes for, suitcases to unpack and put away, and a boatload of laundry.
When I'm finished, I'm going to need a vacation from my vacation!

sudiegirl said...

Sounds like the holidays were good to you except for the germs.

Happy Gnu Year!