Thursday, October 25, 2007

What was going through her head?

So I'm talking to my mil this morning and she told me that there has been a few cases of staph infections going around.  I'm thinking great that's just what I need to happen now.  And apparently one of the children workers from church has it and isn't sure how she got it-no she's not working with the kids right now. 

Anyway there was church last night and as this mother was trying to drop her daughter off one of the worker asks what was wrong with her because her face looked really swollen (child's face).  This little girl is a regular so the worker could easily tell if something wasn't right.  Ok so as she's asking the mom is trying to play it off and basically not answer her question all while trying to get her thru the door.  Well thankfully the worker is being persistent in asking and the mom finally tells her what's wrong with her daughter.  Are you ready for this (I'm sure you guessed it) her daughter has a staph infection! 

Now someone please tell me why would persist on dropping your child off and infecting other children.  I mean there are rules like they can't have a fever, vomiting, and diarrhea.  So what you don't feel like sitting thru service with your sick child and decide to let your child infect others.  Personally I don't think they should have even come to church because really none of us wants to get sick.  I mean am I wrong here?


Julie said...

I think that parent is being totally irresponsible with the health of her daughter and everyone else around. If her daughter is still visibly ill, and contagious, there is no reason for either of them to be at church.

Tracy said...

You are so not wrong here! They shouldn't even be leaving their house until they are rid of it! I hope she took her kid to the doctor. This string of staph going around is nothing to mess around with. People are dying from it. Please be careful around these people. If she won't protect you then you have to do it yourself!