Friday, October 26, 2007


Yesterday I finished up my study guide for History test and decided that I knew it pretty well and to go ahead and take the test.  Everything was going pretty well or ok, at least I thought it was when questions about the Civil War started popping up.  Now sitting there I was pretty sure we hadn't gone over it but there was nothing I could do since it's all online and once you start you can't close it.  Well wouldn't you know I got a 65.56, and was pretty pissed because I didn't think I did that badly.  So David comes home and I tell him because he can see that I'm still in a bad mood about it and says "well why don't you tell your teacher you did everything and there wasn't anything about the Civil War?"  Now to be honest after taking that test I was so aggravated that I didn't feel like looking back at the notes; plus it was dinnertime. 

Anyways at midnight I couldn't sleep and decided to go and look back on the website to see if I missed something.  And sure enough I looked over unit 2 and no war-but wait there it is in unit 3.  So after I saw this I decided to email my teacher and nicely ask about this because from what I understand we have three units and three exams so wouldn't it make sense that ALL of unit 2 would cover exam 2 and that ALL of unit 3 would be exam 3?  I guess we shall see what the teacher says and when he does I'll be sure to let y'all know-thanks for listening.


Julie said...

I hope your teacher is understanding!

Tracy said...

I hope it goes your way when you hear from your teacher. Let us know!

Catwoman said...

Have you heard anything?