Monday, August 27, 2007

It's Just Another Manic Monday

First off let me say that this weekend we've had major internet problems and they finally got it fixed yesterday.  I was so worried because at first they didn't know when it would be up and well all of my classes are online-but it's up and I'm happy.

Now on to the start of my morning; Monkey is running around and decided to take a detour to the bathroom. 

David: "umm he has your toothbrush"

Me: "No big deal just take it from him"

David: "Yeah but he was brushing his teeth with it"

Me: "Again David not a big deal"

So after a few minutes I go in there to brush my teeth and I don't really think twice about it being really wet until afterwards.  Anyways I ask David if he cleaned off my toothbrush and he says "no I just took it from him and put it up."  I walk back in to the bathroom and see that the toilet lid is up and put two and two together and realize that he stuck my toothbrush in the toilet and I just brushed my teeth with it.  Go ahead and laugh because I did after the nausea passed.  And that my friends is how my morning has started.

So for some more laughs I've added this video that David showed me last night and we had a really good laugh-hope y'all enjoy and have a good Monday. :)



Julie said...

That is classic! Hopefully your day will improve! : ) I can't see the video : (

Catwoman said...

Oh no he didn't!


You're the best mom ever! I don't think I'd be able to laugh about that 10 years down the line!!! That's like my worst FEAR come true!

Well, that and being impaled with a sharp object.

Krista Ratley said...

That is hilarious! Now you can officially say you have a "potty mouth"!!

Burg said...

So after you realized that, did you use Listerine or 2000 flushes? LOL :)

Tracy said...

Hello there! Miss me? That was really funny and I love Burg's comment! The video was really great too!

Melanie said...

Oh that is such a fear of mine since my 16 month old loves to drop everything in the bowl! EW!!!

Thanks for the laugh on the video!