Thursday, August 16, 2007

Change in classes

I have been crazy busy these past couple of days; I'm trying to make sure everything is in order for me before I start back up in school.  Ok well everything was in order until I decided that I wanted to work on getting a teaching certificate.  I've already accumulated too many hours to go and change my major and I'm not willing to to basically start all over.  Sooo I'm changing up my major just a little bit and the classes I'm hoping to take starting this semester are the requirements for me to go on and work on a Masters after I receive my bachelor's.  At first I never thought of working on a masters at least not anytime soon but now I know it's what I want to do and by the time I'm done with everything Monkey will be really close to starting Kindergarten.  Alright well I'm off to catch up on some blogs-have a great day!


Tracy said...

That sounds like a lot! lol...I'm starting online classes this fall too and it just feels so overwhelming! I'm going into elementary education too and being someone who is ready for the change as soon as I make the decision, this seems like it's going to take forever!
Good luck!

MGM said...

Good luck getting started on school. You'll never regret getting your master's...or any education for that matter. It's one thing no one can ever take away from you!

Melanie said...

Awesome! I am sure it will be hectic but well worth it in the end!
I am looking to finish my bachelor's for special education hopefully soon too. Waiting for the spring semester to enroll in some online classes and go from there. We'll see how that goes!
Hope it all works out well for you! Good Luck with it!

Krista said...

YAY! That is so cool. I want to start on my Masters, but I need to rest first. Good luck-you will do fine. It is tough, but YOU CAN DO IT! Hang in there.