Saturday, June 9, 2007

Are you sleeping?

  "In telling the story of my father's life, it's impossible to separate fact from fiction, the man from the myth. The best I can do is to tell it the way he told me. It doesn't always make sense and most of it never happened... but that's what kind of story this is."

“A lot of holes in the desert, and a lot of problems are buried in those holes. But you gotta do it right. I mean, you gotta have the hole already dug before you show up with a package in the trunk. Otherwise, you’re talking about a half-hour to forty-five minutes worth of digging. And who knows who’s gonna come along in that time? Pretty soon, you gotta dig a few more holes. You could be there all night.”-Casino

Do you ever get the feeling that someone else is in the room with you?  Yesterday morning I was laying in bed about half asleep because I wasn't yet ready to go get Chunky Monkey.  When I wake up and who is standing over me just staring-SweetPea, she scared the crap out of me.  And what does she do she smiles and says "Mommy did I give you a frighten?"  To say the least yes-and can you please not do that again.  It's now naptime and since I had a pounding headache I decided to lay down too.  I was having a crazy dream where I was fighting off this guy when I feel someone touch my face.  Yes it was Sweet Pea AGAIN!  I asked what she was doing and she said I wanted to give you a kiss.  Well I kind of snapped at her and told her if she wanted to give me a kiss she needed to wait until I was awake, and to not stand over me like that to just wake me up.  I did feel bad afterwards but seriously folks she scared the crap out of me not once but twice yesterday.  I mean wouldn't that scare you?  But once I got out of bed I gave her a big hug and kiss and now all is better.

Now onto Chunky Monkey, I'm not sure what his problem has been lately but everytime I put him in bed for a nap he goes crazy and starts crying.  And yes I let him stay in there for a few minutes thinking surely he'll go to sleep like he normally does.  Nope doesn't happen and I've had to go back in his room and get him and lay down with him for him to calm down.  The first time I did this I decided to lay him down in bed with me.  He cried for a few seconds and then sat straight just looking around.  I'm now trying to lay there pretending I'm asleep thinking he'll get the message.  Instead I feel him hovering over me and then with his mouth wide open he gives a big wet slobbery kiss.  I'm now trying not to laugh but I can't help it.  So I try to lay him down with me again and then this time I feel him trying to stick his finger up my nose.  I tell him no he laughs and keeps trying to do it anyway.  Back to crib we go and thankfully he falls asleep.  Now when I have trouble during naptime I lay on the couch and that seems to calm him down better-go figure. 


Tracy said...

I remember one time when Em was three or four, she came into my room at 5 am and she was just tall enough for her head to see up on my bed. I heard "Mommy?" in her sweet little voice and I opened one eye to see what she wanted and as soon as I did she sneezed right in my face. Then she grins and says "Oh, sorwy!" So I can totally relate with you! I'm having problems with Peter too and nap times. The other day he took a 1 1/2 hour nap around 10 am and then refused to take his afternoon nap. He was a bear to deal with and around 6:30 he went to sleep and I didn't hear from him again until the next morning! I hope you start getting your routine back.

Tracy said...

I totally forgot to guess the quote and I think I might know this one...
My guess is Big Fish with Ewan Macgregor...Is that it??

Burg said...

The more I think about it, the better the idea of putting the kids to bed wearing cowbells sounds.

MGM said...

Isn't 18 months such a hysterical and annoying stage? HA! I can totally see my own son doing the whole slobber kiss and finger up the nose thing!

chris said...

Alex stands over me all the time and nearly makes me scream! I keep telling him not to do it...but I think he finds it funny to see me jump vertically off the bed.

As for Chunky Monkey...we are going through the same stage. Everyone of my kids did it. They just realize they can protest and so they do. Bean goes in bed perfectly fine and then the second I close the door goes ballistic.

Next stop: Night Terrors.