Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A Little Vent

Yesterday I mentioned that this week is when we are doing our Kids Krusade.  So on our way to church Sweet Pea says "Mommy I forgot to bring my Bible."  I tell her that's ok because I have mine in my purse.  She of course thinks it's my big one but I assure her it's not and I show it to-it's one of those thinline ones.  So as we pull into church I hand her the Bible and then get her out of the car.  She's so excited and shows her Mimi that she brought her Bible with her.  As we walk into the fellowship hall (that's where it's all taking place), they ask everyone to sit in their group so we can see who all brought their Bibles.  Sweet Pea of course proudly raises her Bible in the air and the guy counting says "Her Bible doesn't count because it's her mom's." 

*Sidenote*Now David and I know him and his wife and we've hung out in groups a few times, and David used to work with him a long time ago.

I look at him and say "Are you serious she's 4 you can't give her a break."  Again I repeat she's 4.  He says no it's yours so it won't count.  Well can any of you guess what happened next...She started crying, I mean she was really upset.  She curled in my lap crying because she wasn't going to get any tickets.  Well Mimi (who's in charge) said that she overruled and gave her team points.  She said "It's not because she's my granddaughter, it's because I saw her walk into church with that Bible in her hand."  His wife then came over to try to calm her down and gave her some tickets.

Now let me just say that I'm sure there were plenty of kids who showed up last night with their parents Bible and I don't see what the big deal is.  I mean some kids don't have their own Bible and I would think he would just be happy that they brought one.  Oh and give me a break she's 4 and I thought it was completely uncalled for him to call her out or any other child like that in front of anyone.  Plus I know my daughter can be sensitive and she takes things to heart.

Well after awhile I think he realized what a mistake he made because he tried to go up to her and apologize.  And Sweet Pea says she doesn't want a hug and doesn't want to talk to him.  Now I'll admit I'm glad she said that because I think he should feel bad for at least a little while.  I'm not as upset about it as I was yesterday becaue I just don't think he was thinking but hopefully he will next time.  Anyway what do y'all think?


Tracy said...

I hope that I don't offend you with this comment. But this is the problem that I've had forever with organized religion. I've never been able to understand why a person can single out things like that. Like you said, she's only four. And let me tell you, atleast with my kids, if they had remembered to bring their bible, it would have been because I reminded them too and I'm sure that atleast half of the kids that brought theirs was because of that. We're Catholic and I see this all the time. For instance, Catholics preach against birth control because Chrildren are a gift from God. But you bring your three children to mass and if one of them makes a peep or so much as sneezes, the priest will ask you to take them out until they've "calmed down." I think that if you're a part of church, you should always feel welcome and never picked on or descriminated against.
Again, that's just my opinion.

Catwoman said...

How horrible! I'm assuming that this is a man who has no kids of his own! Because yeah, as the commentator before me said, the ones that did remember their bibles was because the parents took the bible from wherever they keep it and asked the child 10 times "do you have your bible?"

You can't expect a four year old to remember things like that! Heck, they'd probably leave the house without shoes if we didn't remind them.

And calling her out about it in front of the group seems especially mean. What does it matter? Why hurt the feelings of a four year-old in front of a group like that? It doesn't sound to me like someone who should be part of teaching such young kids.

I think you're absolutely right to be upset and same thing with Sweet Pea. Like you, I'd be glad she's making him feel bad a little longer! :)

Catwoman said...

Oh, and I know that I've seen the movie for yesterday's quote, but I have no clue what it is!!!! These are hard! :)

Katiebod said...

Oh my.............. and we wonder why kids grow up not wanting to go to church. One humiliation like that over something as trivial as using your mother's Bible and not your own? Let me just say-- there are plenty of people in this world who cannot afford to have one Bible in their family, much less one per PERSON. The fact that a FOUR YEAR OLD child would be chastised for bringing her parent's Bible is, at the very least, deplorable.

Not only did he plant a seed of distrust in this child, he humiliated her for no reason. Over a Bible of all things. God does not care whose Bible she had...just that she had one with her.

Jesse said...

Thank you everyone for your comments and no Tracy I'm not offended at all. Katiebod-you're right many families cannot afford a Bible and even if the young kids have one I'm sure some like Sweet Pea can't even read. I too think he should have been happy. Catwomen-No he does not have children, surprise, surprise. I just want to say thank you again for leaving me comments because I was pretty upset last night but for her sake I tried to blow it off. At least in the end he realized that he was out of line. But you know what if he did that to a visitor, they would probably never come back and that's not what you want. And I for one don't want people to judge Christians because one had a major brain fart because not everyone is like that. Oh and I'm glad you are all enjoying the quotes. I thought I was making them to easy at first so that's why I tried to pick ones that were a little bit harder. :)

Julie said...

He was totally out of line. Church is supposed to be a supportive, nuturing enviornment - one where everyone is welcome and should feel welcome. He was wrong to make such a big deal out of Sweet Pea having your Bible - especially since she is only 4 and was obviously very proud of herself.

Burg said...

I can't believe that someone would do that to a four year old! We're basically talking about someone who is still a toddler for cryin' out loud! What a jerk!

It would be a really good time to explain forgiveness to your little girl. Some people in churches (and life in general) are so busy with one-upmanship that it ruins a lot of people. I could really care less about it turning them against a particular church, or denomination, but it sometimes also turns them away from the Lord. It really angers me. He needs to be reminded of Luke 18:15-17 so that he doesn't make the same mistake again in his ignorance.. But your girl, she'll be okay..

Burg said...

Oh, and just so you don't think I'm being to harsh on the guy, 2Timothy 3:16 says that scripture is for correction (among other things).. I'm not saying the guy is more flawed than anyone else and doesn't deserve forgiveness.. A little correcting never hurt anybody too badly.. :)

chris said...

That's horrible and was totally uncalled for. I'm so sorry! You have every right to be upset and I'm glad she stood up for herself in her own little way. ((((sweet pea)))

Tracy said...

I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who feels this way. My father was raised loosley as a Catholic but after he moved out of his parents house he stopped practicing all together. Then he met my mom and she persuaded him to go to her Methodist church. He found out that he really enjoyed going. He made friends there and said that for once he felt like he belonged somewhere. Then a guest speaker came to speak to their adult class and told them that in the bible it says that "God doesn't forgive failed marriages. If you've been married and divorced, you're doomed." My father walked out of that church that day and never stepped foot in another again. He told my mom that there was no point in going back if he was already doomed.
My point is, Church should be the one solid place where you can always recieve forgiveness. That's what that man needs to learn.