Monday, May 14, 2007

Mommy Talk #5


Today's Question: Did you find out the sex of your baby, why or why not?  Honest...did you have what you were hoping for?

Growing up I was one of those kids who snooped around the house to find out what I was getting for Christmas/Birthday.  And yes I'm still like that only now I feel really guilty when I find out so I've gotten better.  So when the chance came to find out what we were going to have you better believe I wanted to know, and so did David.  Now before the big day came I had had a dream that I was going to have a girl and I kept asking David if he would be ok if we had little girl.  He of course said yes but I know deep down he wanted to have a boy first and then a girl.  As for me I always wanted one of each but I wanted to have a boy first so she could have a big brother to take care of her.  In the end it didn't matter to either one of us because all that did matter was that our baby was healthy.  Ok back to the story-we found out the day before Thanksgiving.  I remember praying that morning that the baby would let us see and it all worked out because the dr. said "you're going to have a little girl."  David and I looked at each other and we both had "happy tears."  We were so happy and laughing and then she showed us how we could tell, she points and says "see it looks like a hamburger."  When she said that David and I just cracked up laughing, I mean come on you have to admit it's pretty funny.  Anyway we went home to tell everyone they were all excited about getting dresses-you know all the frilly stuff.  Then what does David say "great, now there is going to be two people in the house with p.m.s."-he must have forgot to include himself since I swear men get it too, but that topic is for another day.  But really folks we were both so happy when we found out we were having a girl and that she was healthy, and me not being a girly-girl I never would have thought I would love buying all the frilly stuff but I do and I love finding hair bows to match, oh and of course shoes.

Now on the second-I don't know if the feelings I had were the same or that I just wanted to really believe that the second time around I would have a boy.  I went and saw the same dr. because she was absoulutly awesome.  Anyways I'm laying there on the table hoping we'll be able to see and she says "I think you're having a boy." 

Me: OMG! Are you serious.

Dr.: Well hold on and let me make sure....yes you are definitely having a boy.

Me: I cried and then I look at David and he just has this shocked look on his face, he obviously couldn't believe it.  Oh and when we got the sonogram picture there's my little guy not being shy about showing us that yes he is a boy. :)

And of course I call everyone as soon as we got out and then once again I headed out to the stores to go and register for boy stuff.  Now I admit buying boy clothes isn't as nearly as much fun as buying little girls but I still loved picking stuff out.   I'm so happy and thankful that God has blessed me with two beautiful babies who continue to surprise and amaze me everyday.  If and when we have a third I just might let it be a surprise since I do have one of each, but then again curiosity just might get the best of me.


Jennisa said...

I'm the same way about Christmas and gifts...who needs surprises anyhow! Congrats on having one of each, and the hamburger comment is too funny...

Jann said...

The hamburger comment cracked me up too!

Catwoman said...

I always swore that I'd want to be surprised, but then the second I saw the two lines on that stick, I told Sweetie Pie I was pregnant and then the next words out of my mouth were "and I'm finding out the sex the second I can!" Because I didn't want my poor baby in yellow and green for the first six months! ESPECIALLY if it was going to be a girl.

Like you, if my second happens to be of the opposite sex and then we are able to have a third, I might decide to have the third be a surprise. I think it would be fun, I just don't know if I could hold out 4 1/2 months!!!!

MGM said...

I had to know the gender of my babies ASAP. I figured there are enough "surprises" during childbirth. I didn't need that to be one of them.

We were thrilled about the news of our first being a girl because all the men in my husband's family make boys. My husband's brother has four boys. I had already figured it was a boy. We were SOOOOO excited to have a girl!

The second time around we wanted another girl because the first one was so precious. We tried for a girl the first time (by doing the wild thing just before ovulation). I intended to try for a girl the second time, only he was sort of not planned. We did want a second one. SOMEDAY....just not YET! And he was conceived at the END of ovulation, which meant it was WAAAAY more likely to be boy.I was so disappointed in the first 20 weeks because I wasn't ready to be pregnant again and figured it would be a boy and we blew our last chance for another girl. That sounds SOOOO TERRIBlE...I'm just being honest so please don't hate me! When the ultrasound showed a boy, I almost cried out of disappointment. I wanted my little girl to have the sister I never had.

Fortunately, I got over this all pretty quickly and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my little boy and I don't know what I was thinking wanting another girl. HA HA! I love the children God gave me, and I'm glad He is the One who is REALLY in charge of what gender our kids are! A friend once told me that my second was a boy because God knows what I need--because some day they will turn into teenagers and I will be thankful that at least one of them is a boy! HA!

Eden said...

I always want to know what I'm getting for Christmas. At first we didn't want to know, but in the end we did. lol

Michelle said...

I agree the hamburger is just too funny! I will never forget when the doctor told me that is what it would look like. I was shocked to say the least and yes I chuckeled too!

Tracy said...

I loved the hamburger comment! And trust me, being the mother who said that the third can stay a surprise, it's hard to wait. I didn,t make it. As soon as she asked if we wanted to know, the hubby and I both yelled "YES!" It's too hard to say no!

Sue said...

Yup - I remember being told by the 3D u/s tech who did my first pg that he's looking for hot dogs and hamburgers. Too funny! :)


MGM said...


In response to your question, I do think that when you conceive during ovulation does effect the gender you conceive. There's at least some science to back it up, and my OB agreed with that too. If the little swimmers are available when the egg is first released your chances of conceiving a girl are greater. In general, the swimmers live for 72 hrs but the male ones are faster and die sooner. If you do the wild thing just before ovulation, more of the male sperm will have died by the time the egg is released and available for fertilization, and the female ones have a greater chance of reaching the prize. There are slightly more male sperm than female sperm in any given sample to start with, making it slightly more likely to conceive a boy, all things being equal (I think a 55% chance of boy vs girl).

I'm not an expert or anything, this is just what I think I remember reading in the past.

Liz MonkeyKisses said...

Awe.. I had to know what i was having.. I am just that person that needs to know so that everything can be organzied and my child wont wear only yellow.. :-) Although both of my boys looked awesome in yellow.. hahaha