Monday, May 7, 2007

Hooray for Hollywood

This weekend I haven't had the chance to read any blogs or even attempt to write one.  But today I'm back on my mini-schedule and catching up not only on blogs but dun-dun-dunnn housework. 

A little background: every year our church does some kind of theme celebrating the teens who are graduating high school.  My mil is usually the one who ends up having to get it all together.  Any whoo David came up with the idea of making it into an Academy Awards show.  She loved it and just kind of went from there, I then made the suggestion to open up with the song Hooray for Hollywood and did some stupid little dance.  Well she loved the idea of a song and asked if I would help choreograph the steps.  This was all about a week or two ago.  As of last Monday what started out with me helping out with dance steps, I ended up being a Joan Rivers type as the graduates walk down our red carpet, trophy girl, and in a few skits and dances.  How that all happened I don't know, but I'm glad it did.  Everything worked out perfectly because David was able to watch the kids for me while we had practices.

After two "real" practices I wasn't to sure if it would all flow together but last night everything went off with a bang.  I mean the timing was perfect, the dances were hilarious and the skits/videos were awesome.  You could tell the graduates really enjoyed themselves as well as all the people who came to watch.  I for one had a blast doing it and who can complain about getting all decked out in a formal dress.  Anyways that was my weekend and hopefully y'all had a fun weekend too.


Liz MonkeyKisses said...

Tag Your It!!
Well your gonna have to catch up chica cause you've been tagged!!! :-)

Go here to find out what you have to do...

Catwoman said...

Sounds like a blast!!!! And what a fantastic idea for a theme!

Tracy said...

That was a really creative idea! I'm glad you all had fun!