Thursday, April 26, 2007

Scary Movies

I used to love watching scary movies growing up, you name I've probably seen it.  But something happened when I was prego with Sweet Pea, I don't like watching them anymore.  Maybe it's because they are just way to gory and I don't like that.  Now I do like to watch suspense, but not blood and guts hanging out all over the place.  Take Halloween, scared me as a kid but it's not bloody. 

The reason I'm talking about this is because last night David begged and begged for me to watch a scary movie.  Oh and not just any scary movie, one of the 8 films to die for horror fest.  To David the bloody the better, umm no thanks.  Ok so after much pleading (he's been asking for a couple of weeks now) I finally give in.  As I'm typing this I still don't know why I agreed to watch this or any of the other ones he's begged me into watching. 

The name of the movie was Dark Ride, about a carnival that has a scary tunnel ride where some teens end up being killed-you know the norm.  The plot wasn't to bad, but I could done without the gore.  And thank goodness I didn't have any nightmares because I have a wild imagination and tend to scare the crap out of myself-go ahead and say big baby.  So what about y'all, do you like to watch scary movies or are you like me and can live without them?


Tracy said...

Like you, I loved them as a teen. I watched one when I was pregnant and had nightmares for months! A couple of months ago I watched The Exorcism Of Emily Rose. I'm still scaring the crap out of myself from that movie! It's driving the husband crazy!

Jesse said...

Oooo that movie gave me the creeps too. What about "The Ring"-I watched that one while I was pregnant and I was crying by the end. He couldn't believe it . We should let our hubbies watch scary movies while you and I watch some chick flicks or something. :)

Tracy said...

I agree with that!

Jesse said...

Speaking of Chick Flicks Dirty Dancing is having it's 20th anniversary dvd coming out. To bad we don't live closer we could get together and watch it-that would be so much fun.