Thursday, April 12, 2007


How many women out there remember having their hair in pink spongy curlers?  As for me I remember only a couple of times my mom did that to (major tomboy), however, I remember my sister having her hair curled often.  My little Sweet Pea has naturally curly hair but my mil thought it would be neat to see what her hair would look like with those curlers.  So she put them in her hair and then we went out to go do our "fun project."

After cleaning up the yard we all came in took, showered, and got dress since we had church last night.  Well I could start to see my sweet little girl not acting so sweet since she did not have a nap today.  I ask her to go get something upstairs and she's saying "no I don't want to."  After getting on to her she grudgingly walks upstairs and I hear her say "you know Jesus said..."  The rest I couldn't hear but you better believe I wanted to know the rest of the comment as did my mil.  So when she comes back down I ask her "what did Jesus say?"  She replies "Jesus said that you shouldn't fuss at me all the time."  WHAT!!  Ok I'll be honest I had to try and not laugh at what she said.  Then I said "Did you know that Jesus also said to listen to your mommy and daddy?"  She just kind of looked at me and surprisingly didn't have anything else to say.

Now back to the hair-it's finally time to take out the curlers and OMG her hair looked just like Shirley Temple.  I'm talking a head full of ringlets, she looked so cute-UGH and can you believe I forgot to take a picture of her!!  I'll just have to make sure that I take one the next time her hair is fixed like that.

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Catwoman said...

How cute must that have looked!!!! I love those ringlets! I totally envied them on little girls!