Monday, April 30, 2007

Quiet Time

At the end of the Pastor's sermon he challenged everytime to write down a time where they will have quiet time with God everyday.  For a while now I've been feeling convicted about this because I haven't been faithful when it comes to doing this.  I guess you can say I've come up with reasons for why I don't have time; here are the reasons:

  1. Taking care of the kiddos.

  2. School Work

  3. House Work

  4. Feeling Tired Lazy

Now all these things ok except for number four are legitimate things that have kept me very busy, but I know that it's no excuse for not having my daily quiet time.  So last night I picked up the devotional I got last year for Mother's Day and I picked up where I left off, I also wrote in the journal that goes along with it and read a chapter in the Bible.  No matter how "busy" I am I plan on taking time out-whether day or night and having my quiet time.

So my last question is when do you have your quiet time, and do you use devotionals, read the Bible, or use something else when you do this?  I would love to hear everyone's answers.

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Krista Ratley said...

Wow, I needed this journal today! I just posted for the first time in 2 weeks--since you are kind enough to have missed me and caught my attention with the email.. How is the birthday theme going? I have not had a chance to read your posts but I promise to get to them throughout this week! Have a great day.