Friday, April 20, 2007

David's First Poopy Diaper

You're probably wondering why a title like this is under Special Memories, by the end of the story you will understand.

Sweet Pea was probably two months old and David had yet to change a poopy diaper.  Once again I was complaining about it saying he needed to just suck it up and do it, and thankfully his mom said the same thing.  So between the two of us we backed him into the corner and he reluctantly said ok. 

So what do you think this crazy is doing while poor Sweet Pea is in a diaper of poop-looking for gloves!  Can you believe that?!?  And let me tell you he searched every and I mean every drawer in the house and all he could come up with were plastic sandwich bags.  You should of seen him walking into the room with plastic sandwich bags on his hands, his mom and I had a good laugh. 

Anyways he asks me to stand there and hold her legs while he wipes.  Well I'm sure you can guess how well those bags worked-that's right they didn't.  Needless to say he had poop on his hands because of the flimsy bags on his hands.  Go ahead and laugh because we sure did and I'm laughing about it right now.  I told him to move over and I finished up.  That was the first and last time he tried changing a diaper with any sort of makeshift gloves, BUT not the last time he's ever changed a poopy diaper.

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