Monday, April 2, 2007

He's Back to Work

As of today DH is now off vacation and back to work, as for me I'm back to keeping the natives under control until he gets home.  This may sound bad but I'm glad he's back to work and here's why:  I have a few tests left to work on and with one computer it's hard, and I didn't get much done with him here because I wanted to spend all of my time with him.  Other than those two reasons I wish he was here; it was so nice having him home and helping me out with the kids and just spending time with him.

I just hope his first day back is a good one and that everything goes well.  I remember when I was working that everytime I had to go back after vacation I always dreaded it.  Just something about having to go back to the realities of life.  As for my job now I don't want a vacation from it, sure there are times when I would like to have one day to myself just doing whatever, but when that happens I'm calling DH asking him what the kids are doing.

Tell me if this has ever happened to you.  So a few days ago I asked him to let me sleep in-I USED to love to sleep in.  Of course he doesn't have a problem with it and can you guess what happened?  No he didn't decide to sleep in,  I couldn't stay asleep.  Can you believe that I hear him and the kids and I'm just laying there in bed thinking the one day I want to sleep in I'm pretty much wide awake.  UGH-I hate that.  Even though I wasn't tired I just layed in bed relaxing and thinking and luckily I fell back to sleep.

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Krista said...

This happens to me often--it also happens during the night-I think oh the one night the baby decides to sleep and I cant sleep a wink-I have trained myself to be up and down all night and up at 530 am so therefore, my body doesnt ever relax! I hate taking sleeping pills or any medicine-so I just live on adrenaline from coffee. :)

have a good Day!