Monday, March 7, 2011

Gone to long

Hello again, I know it's been forever since I've been on here but life has been chaotic (haha).  But I will say that I'm back and even though I may not be on here everyday I will be on throughout the week.  So for those of you who are just passing through welcome, and for those who are old friends that I have not talked to in forever please drop me a line.  Since my last post in 2009 my life has changed so to help those catch up I'll make a quick and easy list of my family.

    Sweet Pea: DD1
    Bud: DS
    Baby Girl: DD2
    Sydney: Pet

And you all know me I go by the supreme title of Mamma!  And also for new changes I'm no longer a sahm, I'm now a teacher's assistant at a Christian private school, and I'm also the new children's pastor (recently started).  So as you can see a lot has changed all for the good even though I miss being home with my babies but sometimes things must change.

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