Monday, March 24, 2008

Good Morning Everyone

I hope all of you had a happy Easter.  As for us the day started out great but by the afternoon Sweet Pea started to run a fever; turns out she caught Monkey's cold.  We had a big lunch with the family and then we went out and hid the eggs.  I really enjoy watching them hunt for eggs and the excitement of seeing what kind of candy was hidden inside.  They looked so cute all dressed up yesterday that I'm going to have to post a couple of pics.

As for a family picture well we didn't get around to it but I need to and soon.  I'll be making my rounds today to check out how everyone else is doing.


MGM said...

SO adorable! My son would have never tolerated being dressed up like that. If I try to put a button up shirt on him, he screams, "NO! DON'T LIKE IT!!!!!!" over and over until I give in and take it off.

BTW, Happy Bloggiversary! I forgot to say it in my comment on your last post!

Tracy said...

They look so so cute! I love his spiked hair!
I'm glad to hear that you had a great Easter. Ours was pretty great too.
I hope everyone is feeling better soon.

Julie said...

SO sweet and adorable! thanks for sharing!

Krista said...

Those babies are precious--and How handsome he looks with gel in his hair...such a big! Thanks for stopping by. I am trying to do a little here and there. I get to where I dont have anything to talk about .. and then when no one visits, I think "what is the point"! I hope school is going well for you. How much longer?

Jessica said...

Too cute!!!!! Sorry i have been so quiet!!! Missed the blogging world! Hope all is well..

Horton hears a Who was really cute!