Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ni-Hao (Hi)

I don't know if any of your kids watch Nick Jr. but last week a new show started called Ni-Hao Kai-Lan.  The animals in the show remind of Hello Kitty.  Anyway the show is kind of like Dora and Diego--it weaves in English and Chinese, and teaches about her culture, oh and they have fun and little adventures.  Anyway Sweet Pea really likes it and I think the show is very cute, especially the animals. 

Now I have read a couple of blogs that don't agree with the show.  Like some of the values it teaches.  Personally I don't see anything wrong with the show and I think in the society we live in now it's important to teach our children to be accepting of others who are different from them-at least that's what I think.  I know the values list being in harmony but as a Christian we are taught to be accepting of others and no we don't use the words "harmony."  I just think it's important for my children to grow up and accept others for who they are despite their cultural background, or the fact that they may speak another language.  So for those of you who have watched the show what is your opinion about it.

Here is the list of values the show teaches:

Mind-body connection Typically, television portrays excitement as the good emotion to feel. In many Chinese-American communities, the good thing to feel is often calmness and contentment. Feeling excited and feeling calm can both be happy feelings, but they differ in how aroused the body is.

Perspective-taking In many Chinese and other East Asian families, children are encouraged to take the perspective of others to maintain harmony in relationships with other people.

Being a good member of the group Ni Hao, Kai-lan also emphasizes the Chinese and Chinese American value of being a good member of a group.

Social & Emotional GoalsHighlight cause-and-effect thinking about social and emotional issues germane to preschoolers and to support preschooler's social and emotional development.


saintpain said...

I totally agree with you. Kids should be taught to tolerate others' differences. This show sows the seeds for that concept. Just look at the animals they picked as Kai-Lan's friends. Besides, what's not to like about a China doll like Kai-Lan? The grandpa's cool too!

Jessica said...

I havent checked it out yet... Sounds interesting? I will have to catch it or TIVO it soon. Happy valentines day!