Friday, January 11, 2008

My semester has officially started

Sorry I've been a way the past couple of days but school officially started for me on Wed. so I've been printing out my syllabus for each class and trying to get back into the groove of things.  With the start of every semester I always get really nervous and wonder how I'm going to accomplish all of my work, plus the kids, and of course all of the other household things I do.  In case you're wondering David does help me out but usually I have to ask.  Why is it that men have to be asked to do something?  Why can't they just see that stuff needs to be done?  And why can't they be as observant as us?  Ok, ok I'm done with that itty bitty rant-but please feel free to comment on it.

Anyways back to the real subject; so far so good with school.  As for other aspects of my life well Wed. night Monkey came into our room and was running a fever and ended up sleeping in our bed.  He still was running a fever Thurs. morning and he's had this cough on and off but the last couple of days he seems to be coughing more.  So I decided to go ahead and make him a Dr. appt. and I was able to get in yesterday morning.  Well wouldn't you know he has another ear infection, or I guess you could say that the last one never really went away even though I gave him his medicine.  So the Dr. this time around prescribed a stronger antibiotic and I hope it really helps this time around; then I go back in 2 weeks for his 2 yr check-up and for them to look at his ears again.  As for last night he ended up sleeping with us which I don't mind but at times it's not comfortable because he tends to squirm as all kids do.  But I do love him snuggling up to me and wanting me to hold him without all the wiggling so I can handle his few occasional squirms. 

Alright well that's been my week so far in a nutshell and I shall return tomorrow to talk about whatever floats my boat.  Have a great weekend!

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Julie said...

I hope Monkey feels better soon!