Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I'm sure as many of you know Heath Ledger was found dead in his apt. yesterday.  Seriously what is going with these people in Hollywood; last week it was Brad Renfro, and now this week Ledger.  It seems like everytime you turn on the t.v. they are talking about how screwed up many of the people in Hollywood are-like we didn't already know that.  Someone is going to rehab or court and of course many are obsessed about these people every single move.

I mean do you ever wonder if many of these celebrities think they are immune and that nothing can happen to them even though many of them are suffering from drugs, or alcohol.  I'm sure these celebrities have to have some close friends and family to tell them that they are heading down a road of destruction.  As with the Heath Ledger thing I really hope it was accidental but sadly we'll never know.  I really for sorry for his family and also his little girl that he left behind.  This may sound dumb but I think something (I don't know what) should be done to reach these people and let them know that all the money, and fame you have does not make you invincible, you're just like everyone else and what you're doing is a waste of the talent you were given and all that it took to get you where you are.

Ok so here's a question:  Do you think if you were rich and famous that you would fall into the traps of that scene?  Answer:  If it were to happen to me tomorrow, NO.  If it were to happen in my very early 20s possibly.  Also seeing how Hollywood is would you ever encourage your child to follow their dream and become an actor?  This is a toughy because I want to encourage my children in all that they do, so I guess I just have to pray that we'll continue to have a close relationship and really show them the dangers of how others will take advantage of you.

Alright last bit--did any of you hear about a Pastor in Topeka, KS wanting to pickett Ledger's funeral because he did Brokeback Mountain.  I pray that this is false and not true; but if it is true that I'm saddened and disgusted.  I for one am a Christian, I'm not perfect in fact very far from it and knowing someone who is supposed to be a leader of his church doing that just infuriates me.  I mean who do these people think they are-so what if he did that movie, does that give them the right to intrude on this family's mourning-NO.  Also who are we to judge how other people choose to live their lives.  I for one have made many mistakes in my life but that doesn't mean that I don't deserve God's love.  Ok I'm going to stop or else I could go on and I don't want to bore any of you.  Anyway I hope y'all have a great day, and let me know what you think.


sudiegirl said...

Good post re: Ledger.

I'm not sure his death was a suicide per se...I think it was an accidental OD, but those are scary because they really show how messed up the mind can be, not knowing how much of a certain something you took.

I agree about the funeral too...just goes to show that some people should not be allowed to go see non-documentary films OR read novels.

Tracy said...

You and I just wrote the same post!
I know that in this country we celebrate freedom of speech and just freedom but I think that somethings, such as funerals, should be off limits. If you don't have good intentions then don't go. I am so mad about this picketting thing because the person they're going to picket isn't there anymore. All that's left is his very sad family. It's wrong.

Catwoman said...

The preacher picketing the funeral absolutely disgusts me! I hadn't heard that before, but you don't have the right to just do something that cruel! And the fact that it's a church leader? Absolutely revolting, and shows that he's really not a man of God, in my opinion.

No matter what someone might think of anyone, they're still someone's child, nephew or niece, friend, and those people have the right to say goodbye without having ugly people say horrible things!

Scout's honor said...

picketing funerals? Ugh! What torture for his family. I still have hope that is was an accident. I feel terrible for his little daughter and whole family. What a terrible tragedy.

By the way, I am very conservative in most respects, but loved Brokeback Mountain. It was truly a beautiful movie about understanding. Hopefully, one day our nation will stop judging people the way they were born.