Monday, January 14, 2008

A Little Bit of This and That

I know I've been away the past couple of days but I've been doing school stuff.  Oh and David was out-of-town for work all day Saturday and came home Sunday night.  So that meant that today I got nothing done.  Ok strike that I did manage to go to the gym and lift some weights-go me.  I can't tell you that last time I worked out and when it showed when I stepped on the scale and it said 162 lbs-grrr.  I have no one to blame but myself for all the delicious cookies and deserts I shoved in my mouth.  And I had to go to the store because my poor little Monkey has a diaper rash and what I had wasn't working so I bought the best diaper cream ever-Bordeaux Butt Paste-yes I know funny name but man does this stuff work.  Since he's on a stronger antibiotic it's caused him a tummy ache which it said could happen and now he has a diaper rash, and I feel terrible everytime I have to change him. 

Other than than a two loads of laundry that's all I did because David decided that he needed the computer today.  And not to complain but I will today everytime I asked him to do something I had to ask like 3 freaking times.  He was like zoned out or probably purposely zoning me out today-quite aggravating.  Off rant-he had to go out-of-town again and won't be home until late tomorrow night and yes I do miss him when he's gone.

Alright just one last thing; I've been contemplating on buying a new purse and of course David doesn't understand why I need another purse-men-they don't get it.  So I think I've decided what purse I would like for my birthday.  Yes you read that correctly my birthday is coming up very, very soon-January 27 to be exact if you would like to send cards or gifts please email me and I will be sure to give you my address-insert sarcasm.  Seriously I would never expect any of you to do just make sure to drop me a line that day and that will make me very happy.

Oh yeah the purse-sorry add moment-here is a picture.  It's the Medium Chiara Bag either in the color black or coffee ($285).  Let me know what you think.




















Oh and here's another one it's called Crossword East/West Bucket ($235).  Please don't think I own name brand purses because I don't I usually go to Payless, but I really want a new purse and I really like Dooney so let me know what y'all think and remember this would be my birthday gift.  Ok hope y'all have a great day and remember I'll be looking for your comments.   



Chris said...

Those are adorable!!! I am personally a fossil girl myself, but I do love the looks of those. I like the 2nd one best :-D

Jessica said...

Men never understand the need to have yet ANOTHER purse!!! It would be simple if we could just shove everything into one pocket!!! You go girl! Get that purse! I have to agree with Chris, I like the second one, the brown Douney and Burke the best!