Monday, October 29, 2007

Hello I'm An Idiot

Ok well when I did the ONE WORD meme I guess I forgot that it meant I could only type one word.  Thank you Tracy and Catwoman for pointing it out because no one else did.  Hello can we say dork-oh well I guess we all have our moments.

Update:  If any of you remeber I had a problem with my history test.  Well I talked to the teacher Friday and said he would check it out and let me know today.  And he went through my test and I ended up getting an 83!  I'm so happy because I didn't want a 65 on a test.  So thank you for caring and hopefully tomorrow when I blog I won't have such a brain fart.


Julie said...

Fabulous news - good thing you took the time to talk with your teacher about it!

Tracy said...

I'm always happy to help with pointing out others mistakes. YOU'RE WELCOME! teehee
Congrats on the test score upgrade!

Catwoman said...

I'm so glad you got your mark changed! Whoo-hoo! And congrats on the 83!

We all have brain farts, just blame your kids for them! :)