Friday, September 28, 2007

I'm Bringing Sexy Back

Hello to all of my bloggy friends and the ones who accidentally come across my blog.  I have just recently made a big change in my life-hence the title.  Yesterday I went and bought myself a few sessions with personal trainer-yes a real personal trainer.  I'm not sure what was the last straw that drove me to do this because I've had a gym membership and I haven't used it in I don't know forever.  Well ok I have an idea--our five year anniversary is in November, and my 29th birthday is in January--so I'm guessing this is some kind of mid-life crisis.  That and the fact that I'm tired of feeling fat and I'm really ready to do something about it.

Anyways today was my first session and holy freaking crap am I out of shape but damn did I feel good afterwards.  Everything today was all a cardio workout but without spending 30 min on a bike or treadmill.  The only weight I used was a 6lb medicine ball.  So not only was I getting my heart rate up and sweating like mad but I was working out my whole body.  Oh I forgot to tell you the goal we set: 10 weeks, 20 lbs, with me doing cardio 3-4 days a week and weight training 2-3 times.  Now I'm not meeting her that many because well I can't afford all that but the next few times I meet her she'll show what to do and how to change it up and then I can always look at the paper if I forget.  Oh and yes I have to change the way I eat, but I refuse to cut out soda-I have to take baby steps.  So today we went grocery shopping and man eating healthy sure is expensive but hey I want to be down to 142 (yes I did gain back a couple of pounds). 

Don't worry I plan to make a point of being on here more because there is so much I want to say or vent and I miss y'all a lot; plus I plan on y'all asking me if I'm working out and getting on to me if I don't.  Ok gotta go but I'll be back tomorrow to tell y'all how Sweet Pea's first soccer game went-another thing I didn't tell y'all.  I will another day or else I'll seem like I'm rambling.  :)


Queen of the Mayhem said...

Good luck girl! I am 34....though I still tell people I am 29.....and I feel the same way! I am ready to feel good about me again! Maybe we can keep each other motivated!

Julie said...

YAY for you - you are so going to rock that trainer!