Tuesday, July 31, 2007


"Smile, you son of a bitch." 

“If we’re caught, we’re gonna hang… But there’s many a slip twixt the cup and the lip.”-Young Guns

I'm sure I've said this before but around Mother's Day we finally saw the cat that has been lurking around our house.  Anyway she's really cute and Sweet Pea decided to name her Sparkles.  Well she's an outside cat and she's been coming and going as she pleases since we saw her.  Oh and for awhile we thought she was pregnant but we found out that she was nursing but we never heard or saw her kittens.  That was until Friday.  Here she comes tramping back to come eat when I hear Sweet Pea "Mommy I see a little black cat and it's ugly."  So I go look and don't see anything and tell her if she sees it again to come get me-she does a few minutes later and sure enough it's a black kitten and it's really cute.  Turns out it's Sparkles baby but the kitten is still pretty skittish and it won't let me near it.  The weird thing is that since Sparkles and her baby have come to the house neither one of them have left which isn't like her.  Usually she would disappear for a few days (I'm sure to take care of her baby), and now she just lays on the porch like she owns the place.  But now we've run into a problem our neighbors have these really mean dogs that eventually killed David's dog about 6 months ago.  Surprisingly his dog lived for about 10-13 years but in the end those mean dogs got him.  Anyway I saw the ringleader snooping around our house which makes me mad and scared because of Sparkles and her kitten.  I'm usually one who doesn't believe in animal cruelty but I would so make an exception with these dogs.  They really are mean and cruel and attacked my dog that I had a couple of years ago and well we never saw him again so who knows what happened.  Anyway David and I are thinking of poisoning some meat-I know that sounds cruel but really they've killed one of our dogs we know for sure and the other we've speculated.  And I really am an animal lover but not when it comes to a pack of mean dogs.  Oh and the neighbors could care less and we live in the country so there are no fences and they can come and go as they please. 


Catwoman said...

I wouldn't poison those dogs, I mean that is killing!

But have you reported those dogs? They should be put down by the SPCA or your county, because they're obviously vicious. If you have proof they attacked your dogs, and now you could claim you're scared for your kids (which, honestly, you should be, because what if they're playing outside and those dogs come for them?????) and file a complaint with the SPCA against those dogs. There are all sorts of laws being put into place as we speak against people who own dangerous animals. You need to report them ASAP! I wouldn't feel comfortable being in my yard with dogs that will kill another pet without any issues.

Jesse said...

I know killing them is a bad idea and I would feel bad despite what I said in my post, but it would be hard to prove that they killed our dog. I called the SPCA and they gave me the Sherrif's dept number and told me they would tell me what I need to do.

Melanie said...

Two words for you when the dogs are on your property - Animal Control!!!!!!!
Every single time they set foot in your yard I would be on the phone. I know around here where we live they give the owners a warning for not leashing their pets once and then take them the next time.

Julie said...

YOu should definately call Animal Control - you must since Sparkles can't dial herself! And that baby kitten - it is cutest! Do it for Sparkles! : )