Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

 "How could I forget about you? You're the only person I know."

“I’m not fat. It’s all this hair. It makes me look poofy.  Fine. You have fat hair, but when you’re ready to talk, I’m here.”-Ice Age

 Well I've finally finished the book last night and man was it freaking amazing!  I honestly really loved the book and it was very much worth the wait, and now I can't wait for movie 6 and 7 to come out.  Here I thought everything had been answered until I started writing and I am left with one question that isn't important but I'm curious.  I had read that Rowling would mention someone who would acquire magic late in life which was very rare.  Ok so who exactly was it?  And don't think I haven't serch the net either it seems that there are many people wondering the same thing.  I mean did I miss something or did she just decide not to put it in.  Again I don't really think it's a big deal but I was wondering.  

Ok back to the book-right from the beginning I knew it was going to be good and I was sad to read of Moody's death right in the beginning, and of course all the others throughout the course of the book.  But seriously we all knew some were going to die just not exactly sure of who.  And I was sad about Snape; of course after knowing that he was loyal to the end to Dumbledore.  Which I'm glad.  I didn't really think he was evil but she sure did have us thinking he was until the end.  I mean if he was then Dumbledore wasn't as smart as we all thought he was.  But in the end he proves that he was always loyal and wasn't it just sad how he asked Potter to look at him-I honestly didn't pick up how much he really loved Lily until then.   Speaking of people who have redeemed themselves what about Percy Weasley.  I was sooo glad that he finally came to his senses because really from the beginning he's been acting like a pompus jerk.

And the fighting scenes toward the end where awesome-I definetly can't wait to see it in the movie.  I loved how they all came together and fought especially someone like Professor McGonagall.  Oooo who can forget Mrs. Weasley "NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU BITCH!"-classic.  Perfect example of why you should never mess with a mother's children-we're crazy and we'll come at you with everything we've got and then some.

I don't think I said it earlier but I was really sad when Fred Weasley died, I really liked his character and what poor George.  And then Lupin and Tonks-the little baby left behind but very cool that Harry is the Godfather.  I've read that many people were disappointed about the epilogue but really what does everyone expect-it's not meant to be another novel just a look at how they end up. 

Let me just say that I've really enjoyed the series and I don't feel that I've been let down.  I am sad that now my favorite book is over and she says she won't write about anymore.  I hope she changes her mind and decides to write about the kids or something.  What can I say I'm a dork and I can't help but want more.  What about y'all?  Tell me what you thought about the book and what you hoped for.  I know you're out there so please don't leave me hanging give me some of your thoughts. :)



Tracy said...

Hey there! I've missed ya but I'm back! I'm glad to hear that the book was worth it. I'm definately going to go buy them!

Emily said...

I am soooo happy Snape was good! I knew it, no one believed me but I knew it! I don't think I have gotten this emotionally involved into a book serious where i actually cried when it was over! Oh an poo on them for killing Fred :(

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I made myself stop reading the post...as I have not started the book yet. However, I am a HUGE Harry Potter nerd...so I definitely want to talk about this after I read it!

Loved the fourth movie...is it just me, or is Harry getting hawt? (hee-hee)

Melanie said...

I also loved the book and agree with everything you wrote. It had me happy, sad, annoyed, mad and laughing literally out loud which for me is all the makings of a great read!
I too was so sad at the deaths in the book. I was beside myself when I thought Hagrid might have been killed twice! But luckily he made it! It was great to see Neville come into this leader I knew was inside his character toward the end as well! And I also LOVED when Mrs. Weasley went to battle at the end with Beatrix! That scene will be awesome in a movie!!! I can't wait for this movie to come out which will certainly be huge with the amount of cast they will have to add that come back in this one! Can't wait!

Jesse said...

I really hope when they make the last two movies that they don't skimp on the fighting scenes because they are what make the movie