Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Can we keep her?

 "So... you know how when you're walking by a group of people, and you hear them laughing, you sometimes get that paranod, self- conscious feeling that maybe they're laughing about you, when they're really not? Well in your case, they really are. "

“You’re like the drummer from REO Speedwagon. Nobody knows who you are.”-Employee of the Month

Yesterday the kids and I were outside playing when all of a sudden here comes this adorable puppy-ok she had to be at least 2.  Anyway she comes flopping up to us and rolled on her back to have her belly rubbed.  She was so sweet and had a collar but no tags.  Well I gave her some water and some cat food and she ate it and hung around for awhile.  Which reminds me I haven't showed y'all the stray cat we decided to keep.  Anyways we went in for a minute and she sat out there and whined, we went back out and played for just a little while longer.  I would have loved to bring her in but she had some fleas and that's the last thing we need in this house.  So then I tell Sweet Pea the story about how when Grumps was 17 he had a dog just like that but some mean people came and stole him.  Well here comes Grumps and there goes the kids and the dog running up to him.  Then Sweet Pea says "Look Grumps, we found your dog that someone stole!  Can we keep her?!?"  Since we live in the country we don't have a fenced in yard which stinks because I really wanted to keep her.  And since last night I haven't seen her and I keep looking, even this morning and I'm sad that she isn't here.  Sweet Pea kept asking if we could keep her and I really wanted to say yes but I know she must belong to someone on this road.  Oh well maybe she'll surprise us later today and if not I guess that's ok too.


Queen of the Mayhem said...

I am a sucker for lost dogs! My kids have been begging for a dog.....and I fear I will cave within the next year. Don't get me wrong...... I love dogs....but we have such a hectic life, I don't know if we have time for one! We'll see!

The picture is really cute!

Catwoman said...

I love how Sweet Pea tried to pass her off as Grumps stolen dog, haha!!!!

Burg said...

I've never been able to find a stray dog when I want one.. Now, I can find cats galore, but never dogs..