Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A rough few days

"Buckle up, ladies, this might get exciting." 

“Then you should know now at KNOW things are a lot like they are at NOW, we have to interview every applicant for every job, and so do you or you’d be going against NOW’s definition of discrimination and you wouldn’t want the readers of NOW or KNOW to know that, now would you?”-Down With Love

I know it's a little late to talk about what happened this weekend but hey that's ok.  So anyway Saturday morning we went downstairs to talk to David's parents and my Monkey was walking around getting into everything.  Well next thing we know he picked up a small rock and put it in his mouth, and as you can imagine he started choking on it.  Well Grumps stuck his finger in his mouth to try and get it and that didn't work so he turned him over and was patting his back and we didn't see it come up so we knew he swallowed it.  Then on Monday Grumps was fixing Mimi's car and Sweet Pea was outside playing.  She decided to play in the car and the door was open; so she stuck her head out and a gust of wind came thru and shut the door on her face.  Luckily she had her hands up and was able to kind of stop it but her face is a little swollen.  I mean seriously folks my kiddos have not had very good luck the past couple of days, but at least nothing else has happened.


Burg said...

Oh my goodness!! Poor babies! And poor mommy!! Hang in there hon!

Tracy said...

Why do they always have to have their "bad days" on the same day??? Don't they know that that's soooo much rougher on us mommy's?? I hope everyone is ok and having much better luck and I hope you are recovering from it well too!

Killlashandra said...

I feel for you. I've had weeks like that with my 2 year old too. Don't sit on the edge of the armchair you'll fall. You can't go outside without shoes on you'll hurt your feet. Please wait for Mom to help you close the truck door you'll crush your fingers. I agree with a big sign, it doesn't matter what you say, sometimes they just do it anyway.

I hope the next weekend is less accident prone.

Chris said...

OH! I'm so glad they are okay! I'm always terrified of those two exact things.Choking and playing in the car! Thank goodness they're all right.