Friday, June 22, 2007

!Birthday Shoutout!

 [singing] "Some women are drippin' with diamonds / Some women are drippin' with pearls / Lucky me, lucky me, look at what I'm drippin' with / Little girls!" 

“Chancho. When you are a man, sometimes you wear stretchy pants in your room. It’s for fun.”-Nacho Libre 

Sorry I never got around to posting yesterday, I was crazy busy all day.  Let's see the first half of my day consisted of me doing some serious housework-now doesn't that sound like fun.  Then I had to go to a dr. appt.-my wonderful yearly exam (note sarcasm).  Anyway I thought my appt. was at 3 so I left a little early to run a couple of errands since my mil was watching the kids, well it turned out my appt. wasn't until 3:50-brain fart I guess.  Now my back to my dun-dun-dunnn appt.  Seriously no matter how many times I've gone for a check up and even after having 2 kids I still can't stand going, what can I say it's just unpleasant.

Enough about that I'm sure you are all wondering who's birthday it is-drumroll please.  Today is my nephew's first birthday!  I can't believe he's already one, and you should see what she's doing his birthday in-Mickey Mouse Clubhouse-very cute.  So I thought I would let y'all know that I will be leaving this afternoon and I won't be back until sometime tomorrow evening so I probably won't post anything but I will be sure to tell y'all how everything went.  Hope you all have a great and fun weekend. :) 


sudiegirl said...


I'm a fellow blogging chick...and happy birthday to your nephew. my twin niece and nephew turned 13 earlier this month.

i pity their poor mother...another year closer to driving. hehehehehe

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday Nephew. That is a really cute idea for a birthday party.
I can totally relate about the doctor. As terrible as this sounds, I'm still successfully putting off my one year check up from having Peter and he'll be 15 months old!
Hope you have a great weekend!

Phoenix said...

You've been tagged... come visit my blog to see what you have to do! ;o)

Burg said...

My mil acts like she enjoys her yearly. Ugh.. (Shivers)

It's probably the closest thing to sex she ever has since her husband can't stand her.

Shelby said...

doctors doctors doctors - can't live with 'em can't live without 'em. great blog :)