Friday, June 15, 2007

A day of spills and painting.

"How's your stomach?  It's a little better.  [starts pacing] If you're going to float an air biscuit, let me know, okay? "

"If I’m not back in five minutes… just wait longer.” -Ace Ventura

Yesterday my day started out pretty good I even rode the bike for about 30 min.-killer kill.  My legs were on fire by the end of it but I felt good, I then did around 50 crunches and ended by stretching.  Yes I felt pretty good about myself after all that.

Then after naptime Mimi came home and brought home her paints so we could paint Sweet Pea's room.  A couple of months ago she brought over a transpancy so I could draw Tinkerbell and a frog on her wall and then we would paint it.  Well she's been so busy at work we were now getting around to doing it and you will have to wait for the pictures.  Everything is going pretty well until I get up to get a for some paint and see Chunky Monkey walking with a glass in his hand-and not just any glass-it's the glass SP used while she was painting and it's red paint water.  I'm sure you can guess what happened next, I slowly walk toward him trying to not startle him but at the same time being quick enough before he-Ahhhhh to late he's seen me and threw it down on the floor and has now taken off.  Red flipping paint water on the floor and little dribblets from where he came from, so now Mimi and I are having to scrub the carpet and we got most of it up but where the big spill was only about half came up-grrrr.  After we clean everything I take CM downstairs to feed him dinner, well even though he was hungry he thought he would pitch a tantrum for me for about 10 min.  Yes 10 long min. of him crying, screaming, and laying on the floor.I eventually pick him back up put him in the highchair and put the spoon in his mouth-ahhh much better he's quiet now and eating.

Then 7 p.m. rolls around and I sure don't feel like cooking because I'm doing laundry and keeping Mimi company while she works her magic.  It pretty much had stopped raining so I thought let me go now and hopefully it won't rain on me.  So I go to McDonalds to get us something to eat and wouldn't you know on the way home it's starts raining but as I near the house it's now pouring down-great!  I grab my purse, the cupholder, open the door, and have the food in my other hand.  I'm trying to walk as fast as I can when right infront of the steps the bag rips and there goes the food.  Can you imagine my frustration, anyway from the porch here comes David apparently he's been standing there and I didn't see him.  He runs and picks up the food telling me that the fries are gone, but he had this look like it's all my fault.  Well I wasn't in that great of mood and I said "well instead of standing on the porch watching me you could have come out there to grab something from my hands!"  Oh and did I mention that the crimson tide has rolled in-yeah not helping!

I'm now pretty much calm, I have food in my belly and I took a shower so I'm good.  I go back and sit with Mimi while she's painting the frog when all of a sudden she spills her Dr. Pepper on the floor.  Can you believe that the third spill of the day.  Well even she was frustrated by this point because now we have to scrub the floor again. 

And can you believe the room finally got done.  Now all I did was paint the frog green and the belly yellow.  Mimi did all of Tinkerbell and finished the frog, because I have no artistic ability, and no I didn't do the shading on the frog.  Let me know what you think of the room.



The Frog Prince


Burg said...

What an adorable room! I wish I could paint.. Well, actually I can, but I can only paint really small, as in on a fingernail. Don't ask.

Monkey Kisses said...

I love it love it love it.. especially tinker bell's fairy dust sprinkled while she is sleeping... awww.. i wish i had a girl

Julie said...

It's adorable! And I will not be showing the pictures to my 5 year old - because she will want a room like that and I have zero painting talent.

mamabright said...

the room is totally adorable!!!

and I recognize the quote...I'm sure I've seen this movie...I just can't think what it's from...

blessings, mamabright :-)

Tracy said...

That is soooo cute! Can she come paint my room? I had to buy the wall clings because I have no artistic ability in my body! I can hardly paint my fingernails!
Very cute!

The Pumkin Patch said...

Okay well that is just awesome!!!!!