Thursday, May 17, 2007

When I'm Old Meme

Well I just got tagged from Burg and I'm super excited because well one I enjoy doing them and two it makes me feel special.  And you all know I'm not the only who feels that way. :)

When I'm an old woman I hope to:

  1. Be able to still have sex-lol

  2. Still have all my teeth and not have to use polygrip

  3. Have a scooter to get around in because they're fun

  4. Still be hip with what's going on in the world

  5. Have a sense of style

When I'm an old woman I will not:

  1. Drive 20 mph on the highway in a car the size of boat

  2. Have my hair some funky shade of grayish, blueish, purple-and I'm one who loves to dye my hair

  3. Constantly complain about everything and anything

  4. Bring my own food to restaurants

  5. Have 50 cats living in my house

Ok this was fun and now I'm going to tag a couple of people: Tracy, MGM, and Catwoman


Tracy said...

I'm glad you're going to tag me for this one! I haven't seen this one yet! I'm kid of excited.

chris said...

OH! I love this! I'm gonna steal this meme from you for Monday if that's okay. I know it's pathetic to play tag with yourself, but hey, I've always been a loner. ROFL.

Tracy said...

What does the MeMe mean? Just curious. Thanks