Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Weight Loss Challenge

Yesterday Liz posted a May Day Weight Loss Challenge that Tales From the Scales is hosting.  Which comes at a perfect time because I was going to write about how I need to shed off some pounds, and I thought what a perfect way to try to loose.  This way there are other women who are doing this and y'all that can help me be accountable because I've been having a hard time keeping myself motivated.  The sad part is that I have a gym membership that I don't use and some pilate videos that are collecting dust.  So I'm going to try this and see if it helps and if any of you want to join that would be awesome because then we can ask each other how it's going. 

Here is what I found on the site:
I am pleased to introduce you to the May Day Weight Loss Challenge!  The May Day Weight Loss Challenge was created with the blogosphere in mind.  You are invited to take part in the challenge, to share your goals, your frustrations and your motivation.  All right here.

Want details?  Here you go:

What is the The May Day Weight Loss Challenge?   The May Day Weight Loss Challenge is an internet wide blog challenge available to anyone wanting to lose weight.  Whether it's five pounds or 125 pounds, this challenge is for you.   Don't have a blog?  You can still participate!

When will the challenge begin?
  Tuesday, May 8, 2007
When will the challenge end? Tuesday September 18, 2007.  If you lose just two pounds per week (a healthy rate to lose weight) for the duration of the challenge, you would lose THIRTY-SIX pounds.  Imagine yourself thirty-six pounds lighter.

How does it work?  On Tuesday, May 8th, you post on your blog how much weight you want to lose, and your weight history, what other goals you may have for this challenge (creating activity, cutting out soda, etc.) and any weaknesses you have.  Come back to this site and sign Mr. Linky.  Begin your diet.  You have one week from today to plan your diet and prepare yourself for finding the skinny girl inside of you.  She's in there and she wants out.

Weigh-ins will be held once a week, every Tuesday on this site.  This does not mean you must weigh-in on Tuesdays, just report your loss/gain for that week on Tuesday.  Again, you will sign Mr. Linky and talk about it on your blog.  You do not need to make your weight public!  Just your goals, losses and gains.

5_pound_reward_button_copyTo celebrate your success, buttons have been created to show off your success for your blog!  At every five pound weight loss you have, you will be given a button, like the blue and black one on the right side panel, which will state how much weight you have lost.  (5 pound increments are available.)   To receive your button, send an e-mail to scaletales(at)gmail(dot)com.  That's not all!  For every five pounds you lose, you will also be recognized on this blog with a gold star linking to your blog!

What if I don't have a blog? Start one!  I do recommend starting a blog to help journal your weight loss, you can start a free blog at  However, if blogging is just not your thing, you can still easily participate.  When it comes to signing Mr. Linky, just sign your name and your loss or gain in the name line, like this:  "Beth  -2 lbs" or "Beth +.9 lbs"  You will receive the same recognition on this blog for every five pounds you lose!

Can I have the May Day Weight Loss button on my blog? Absolutely, we encourage you to involve as many people as possible.  Spread the word, this is a good thing!  Here's the code to add the button:

<a href="" mce_href="" target="_blank"><img src="" mce_src="" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket"></a>

Be sure to check back often before the challenge begins.  Lots of information will be posted to help ensure that this weight loss journey is the one that changes your life.

So, one question: Are you in?


Emma said...

Hmmm..I just wrote about not wanting to embrace my fatness on my blog. I think I may be in. I need to be liable to someone other than myself, so why not the blog world?

Jesse said...

Exactly why not have the blog world hold us accountable, I mean I don't think I'm fat but I could loose a few extra pounds-not to be super skinny just fit. Does that make sense?

Krista Ratley said...

36 lbs--that would be my goal accomplishment and we are set to go on a cruise in October. What a perfect way to get into that bikini!!! :) I have to try this out! Thanks