Friday, May 18, 2007

How they make me smile.

Once again Tracy has inspired me, seriously if you haven't read her blog you should.  I just love the way she writes about her kids and well everything else.  Ok well she was talking about her children's traits/personalities and what makes her laugh; I've kind of done this but not really in depth.  Alright well here I go.

Sweet Pea: Where to start with her.  Ok first off she is very much like me when it comes to personality, we are both strong-willed and independent.  So I guess that makes us both drama queen's-I'll never admit to David so that's between us.  However, she is also very sweet, affectionate, and very in-tuned to other people's feelings-if she sees that you're upset she'll ask you what's wrong, and give you a hug (just melts my heart).  Oh and she is very, very clumsy-she gets that from David.  I'm talking this girl has more bumps and bruises on her legs than any other little girl I know.  I don't know what it is but she is just one of those kids who'll trip and there was nothing there that caused it-ok maybe her own feet.  I also love how she's a tomboy but all girly at the same time.  She loves going outside and getting dirty, but as soon as she puts on a dress she's all girl and she makes sure you know that she is a princess.  Seriously what am I going to do with her, and all those hormonal boys that will one day chase her.  I also love watching her sing and dance to her favorite songs. 

Chunky Monkey: He is very affectionate and loves to give hugs and kisses, and man does he give me some big wet kisses but I wouldn't have it any other way.  Even though he's little this boy has a lot of spunk.  First off he's the daredevil and isn't afraid of anything.  He loves to be thrown on the bed and will keep coming back until you tell him no more.  And like Tracy's boy mine is also a mooch-is this a boy thing?  If you have food you can guarantee that he will be there right next to you saying "good" in a high pitch voice-translation: I want what you have and I'm not leaving until you feed me.  Now on to his gracefulness, he's not really clumsy but his head is a magnet to walls, floors, doors.  OMG you name it and somehow his head will find a way to bump into it.  I'm talking this little guy will be walking and it's almost as if the wall jumps out in front of him and there he goes and bumps his head on it.  I'm laughing now just thinking about it-my poor baby.  He's done it so many times that now when he bumps his head lightly he just kind of looks at me like "man that hurt, but I'm ok mom, I'm not going to cry."  What a little trooper.  He is also a sweetheart, he comes and gives me ton of kisses for no reason at all and I love it. 


Catwoman said...

They both sound really sweet!

chris said...

That is so cute! Alex sounds just like your little guy. I swear when he was a baby his head hit EVERYTHING! I honestly contemplated making him wear a bicycle helmet from the time he woke up until the time he went to bed. It was terrifying!

Tracy said...

Our girls sound so alike. Caroline is so clumsy! And she loves to play sports but before we go to a game she needs her hair fixed and her nails painted.
Oh and Peter hits his head on everything too! It must be something in their male genes.

Jesse said...

It's definetly in the male genes because it seems as if every little boy's head is a magnet to just about everything.