Friday, May 11, 2007

Family Friday 3

This week has been really beautiful, a little hot but not to bad.  Since my mil likes to garden we all went outside to start planting flowers.  Sweet Pea of course loved this because well she like to play in dirt and thinks all the flowers her Mimi picks are beautiful.  As for me and my monkey well we just kind of played in the yard and I like  to chase him around and listen to him squeal.  I have to say that my little Pea has learned a lot from helping her Mimi which is good because maybe one day she can give me a few pointers since I don't have a green thumb, or maybe it's because I've never tried.  Anyways the weather is beautiful and what more fun is it than to plant pretty flowers or just play out in the yard.


Liz MonkeyKisses said...

OOOh Fun.. i cant wait to garden!!!

Tracy said...

I can't wait either! I never had a green thumb either but it turns out that I only kill indoor plants. I can plant anything outside and it will thrive with no water and full sun but give me a potted plant for inside and I'll water it everyday and it will be dead in two weeks.