Friday, April 6, 2007


I have had an interesting couple of days.  First last night, here I am checking stuff on my blog and guess what I see on my blog status page-a box that says incoming links.  So I read what the link says and it seems harmless it says love and then yesterdays date, I click on it and it takes me to an inappropriate site.  Now I'm thinking how in the world is this linked to my site so I click on the title to take me to the home page and there I see my entry for Do you have the keys?  Oh I'm sure you can guess how mad I was.  I couldn't believe it here I am talking about my family, and faith and all of sudden my entry ends up on a site like that.  Ok I'll say it I was totally freaking out, and I looked everywhere for an e-mail address to kindly tell this person to take my link off of their site.  I e-mailed wordpress and this is what they said "It is something Google found. Only you see it. You can safely ignore it."  Oh yes thank you I'm glad I can "safely ignore it."  Anyway a guy on the wordpress forum gave me an e-mail address to so I sent them a short e-mail saying I don't want them linking to my site.  We'll see how it all goes, apparently these people are called scrappers.  Enough about all that and thanks for letting me vent.

Now on to some happier stuff.  Today a lady at my church started a bible study on Revelations, and man is it awesome.  I'm talking she has the book of Revelations broken down verse by verse and I just know that it's going to be such an awesome lesson.  Not only that but I love being around other Christian women learning more about God and all that he has planned out for us.  I know this lesson will be a great blessing to me.  As for the rest of the day just running some errands and then I came home and took a nice nap-ahhh I love taking naps.


Krista said...

That is weird. I love this blogging, but Satan likes to lurk around the bend! I had an anon comment come through on mine one time that was 2 pages long and talked about how the "gods are being angered" I had mine set for approval at that time and deleted it, but it was so weird. I have since seen that same post on several other peoples blogs, but not deleted. It is like some satanic brainwash! I am so glad God is all powerful and my thoughts were quickly directed to Him! Internet is not safe no matter what you do to secure things. Have a wonderful Easter in case I dont have time to comment tomorrow! I plan to sign on MOG for a while tomorrow at some point and check things out!

Catwoman said...

I've been linked on through scary sites too... I just don't want to email them, because it's a porn site and really, I'm afraid of making it worse, you know?